We have delivered more than 200 customised versions of the app to small, medium and large scale clients in countries like United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Austria. This is a great opportunity to get your company’s own HSEQ-app fast and without having to develop it from scratch. Your version will still be coded as an open app and will include every standard module that you see in the original HSEQ + app, but with your content and graphics.

A standard customising of the «HSEQ» can look like this:

  • Your company’s own values in «Location»
  • Your company’s own values in «Department» (so called drop-down will be coded – this is not a standard feature in the published version)
  • Your company’s own values in «Type of incidents»
  • Your company’s own values in «Improvement area»
  • Your company’s own logo in the app
  • A special app icon with references to the your company’s logo and colors
  • Your company’s graphical profile will be used when designing the user interface
  • The app will get an unique name (your company name or what the you desire if it is possible and will be published in Google Play, App Store or Windows Store for easy downloading and installing
  • The pdf-report will include your company’s logo – NCR-forms etc just became available through the app!
  • Default receiver(s) can be sat to the bcc (blind copy) field in the customer’s mail-program
  • An .xml-file can be generated and enclosed each report sent (for easy access and export of the data to e.g. your own electronic system/database)
  • Edit all labels and options in dropdown-menues by using our service HSEQ Editor (Pro license)

The descriptions above are only valid for the six reports in the page “Choose report type”. Customising the modules for SJA/JSA, Inspections/Audits and Timesheets will be priced according to the requested spec from the client.

Clients with customised versions of our app can also connect to our user-friendly database for processing of all submitted reports and statistics on all cases. Feel free to ask us for a username and password to test it out.

Customised versions of the app may also include our module HSEQ Messenger for easy communication with all the users of the app and HSEQ Pages for having e.g. procedures and work instructions available directly in the app. Read more on the page “About the app”

I want more info!


The imaginary company Han Sen Workshop and Transport Ltd. has 20 employees who all are very focused on safety and quality. Each of them register lots of good improvement-reports etc. The company estimate that each employee costs about USD 100,00 per hour, all taxes, insurance, salary, profit etc. included.

Collecting the report formUSD 8,35USD 0,70
Write the reportUSD 8,35USD 4,20
Take a photo of the deviation etc.USD 0,70USD 0,70
Print the photo and enclose with the reportUSD 8,35USD 0,00
Deliver the report to the correct person in chargeUSD 8,35USD 0,70


Collecting the report form5 minutes5 seconds (take the phone out of the pocket …)
Write the report5 minutes2.5 minutes (easier to type on a keyboard)
Take a photo of the deviation etc.5 seconds5 seconds
Print the photo and enclose with the report5 minutes0 seconds (happens automatically)
Deliver the report to the correct person in charge5 minutes5 seconds (just tap on “Send”)

If each employer in in this example company register one deviation/near miss/improvement report each month, this will cost them USD 8.184,00 each year. The cost of doing this with an app is USD 1.575,00, giving them an annual saving at USD 6.609,00.

The costs for the further processing of each report is not calculated, but we suppose it is easy to conclude that manual handling will cost a lot more than doing this with e.g. our database

We mean that investing in an electronically reporting system will provide a very favorable ROI (Return of Investment).