Easy to use and fullfils all requirements

Common sense put into a system

Used by small, medium sized and large companies world wide!

HSEQ Reports briefly explained

  • Collect all quick-reports, inspections/checklists and JSAs sent from your customised version of HSEQ+ into ONE central archive
  • Submit Near Miss reports, Non-conformances, Safety Inspections etc. directly into the database
  • Process the reports in an easy and simple manner
  • Search and filter all reports e.g. by location, project or type of incident to get find the improvement areas
  • View statistics with number of reports, costs and development over time (trends)
  • Do all the this without needing to be neither an IT, Safety or Quality expert …

Built on the Keep It Simple idea

HSEQ Reports is easy to use for everyone, not only the HSEQ professionals. Process all submitted reports and get statistics with a few fingerstrokes! Automatic e-mails are sent from the database.

Reachable from everywhere

At home, in the office, abroad or wherever. I you have internet access, you have HSEQ Reports. Just received a message about a new Near Miss report? Log in and start processing, even if you are sitting on the train!

Modify on your own

Use the integrated service HSEQ Editor to edit values in dropdown menus and add checklists with procedures as you need. Define if the checklists should be visible only in database or in app and database.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

No need to install, update or worry about any hardware investments. Use any web browser to operate HSEQ Reports. Our goal is that our clients should not need any specific training to use the system. Keep It Simple!

I want more info!

Easy Input
= Easy Output

What gets added into HSEQ Reports can easily be analysed without drowning in options and features. A selection of three basic types of graphs are available to convert all input to valuable output. That’s it and that’s that. No need to complicate common sense …