No More Paper!

With HSEQ+ in your pocket you can say goodbye to paper and hello to the future. Start being up to date today. Use HSEQ+ without any costs.

About the app

Mellora has developed what was the world’s first open smartphone-application for reporting non-conformance, accidents, near miss and improvement proposals related to safety and quality (HSEQ). In retrospect, the app has been extended to include the possibility of documenting the safe job / job safe analysis and inspections & audits. A new module called “Timesheets” was added in 2014. The app is designed to meet the reporting requirements set in e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (former OHSAS 18001).

Data capture has, by using the HSEQ-app from Mellora, never been easier. Use HSEQ+ to register and submit HSEQ-reports and timesheets with a few keystrokes. Since the code in the application is not linked to any database, you are not dependent on having invested in a special incident processing system to use the app.

The report goes directly to the selected recipient’s inbox in your email system, leaving the use of pieces of paper and other reporting systems redundant. The receiver then decide how to process the report further, either it is in the organisation’s management system or manually.

Included in the app, is a pdf-generator that generates special formatted reports which can be used to create your organization’s complete reporting and analysing system. In addition, the timesheets will function as documentation when invoicing clients or paying out salaries to the employees. Customised versions of the app can be connected to our database HSEQ Reports ( Read more about that in the HSEQ Reports page.

The word “Mellora” is Galician and means improvement. A company’s HSEQ work is all about what to improve. By continuously improving the internal work practices, procedures and processes, it will be easier to make the adjustments needed to ensure a secure, streamlined and profitable business.

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  • Quick-reports
  • Inspection&Audits
  • Safe-job Analysis
  • Timesheets
  • HSEQ-documents
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  • HSEQ Messenger
  • HSEQ Pages
  • HSEQ Editor


HSEQ+ from Mellora is designed to allow users to submit safety and quality notifications and document other relevant HSEQ tasks in a simple, innovative and efficient manner.

The idea behind it is that it should be easy to submit a report, and the user should be able to do so without having to consider a variety of criteria and difficult choices.

If the user does not have internet access, the report is automatically stored in the smartphone’s memory or in the mail outbox and can be sent as one is again online.

Smartphones are about to take over for regular mobile phones. Using an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows Phone, you can choose from six different HSEQ report types and a system for carrying out job safe/safe job analysis (JSA/SJA) and yet another module for documenting safety inspections and audits. You may also use the module for Timesheets to document your working day. Everywhere in the app you can choose from pre-defined categories, write explanatory text and attach pictures as further documentation of any deviations, proposed improvement, safety observations, JSA/SJA or safety inspections/audits. Take advantage of that “all” employees of the organization are using a technological device that they probably “always” carry with them. Let them be involved in the daily HSEQ work in modern way of doing so.

HSEQ+ is a tool that can create more enthusiasm for HSEQ and thus increase the likelihood of better reporting which leads to the possibility of further continuous improvement!

The app is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian. Customised versions can be made in whatever language one want though.


  • Quality Non conformance
  • Quality Observation
  • Quality Improvement
  • HSE Accident HSE
  • Near Miss
  • HSE Prevention

In each of the 6 reports, you may enter free text or choose between pre-defined values. In order not to complicate the reporting-process, the app only have a small amount of fields to be filled in, making the reporting-process easy for everyone. All sent reports are stored in the app’s archive function.

Each quick-report also gives you the possibility to select or take up to three photos. Every image inserted is editable, and you may add drawings to point out what the report is all about.

The quick-reports in all customised versions of HSEQ Free can be developed to comply with your own existing procedures. However, we do encourage all clients to reconsider if we feel that their requirements are too complicated. It has happened more than one time that we have turned a client down, simply because our product, including all customised versions, shall be considered as easy to use without all not necessary buttons and functions.

HSEQ Free has a numerous of checklist that easily can be used to perform and document safety inspections, quality audits and environmental audits. Without any charge at all, you can choose among the following pre-defined lists:

  • Safety Inspection: office
  • Safety Inspection: workshop
  • Safety Inspection: outside area/yard
  • Quality audit: ISO 9001 chapter 4
  • Quality audit: ISO 9001 chapter 5
  • Quality audit: ISO 9001 chapter 6
  • Quality audit: ISO 9001 chapter 7
  • Quality audit: ISO 9001 chapter 8
  • Environmental audit: ISO 14001

Simply open the module for Inspections & Audits, pick your checklist and perform the inspection/audit is a very easy manner. Tap to say if the checkpoint is found to be OK, if it is not relevant or if it is not OK. If you find a checkpoint to have a deviation, you may add the cause for this in a pre-defined dropdown menu and you can add comments as you need. On each checkpoint you may also add a photo to point out your findings.

If you do not finish the inspection or audit, it can be stored in the app and picked up again when needed. All inspections and audits are saved either as “In progress” or “Completed”.

When tapping on the send-button, a nice report will be pdf-report will be generated. Any pictures will be included in the report and a reference to the different checkpoints will be added.

Companies that desire a customised version of the app may change or add as many check-lists/checkpoints as they wish, as long as the lists follow the template in the original

Safe Job Analysis (Job Safe Analysis), SJA/JSA, is a method for planning a job to reduce risk. HSEQ Free has a module for simplifying the procedure for performing and documenting SJA/JSA. Doing this task with HSEQ Free has a logical structure where you enter the necessary details about the main task and then creates the subtasks one by one and consider the risk factor on each of them.

Included in the app is also a clickable risk matrix for even better define the risk factor on each task, both before and after the description and implementation of the needed risk reducing activities. The risk matrix is built in accordance with the recommendations sat in Norsok S012 and symbolize the various risks with the colors red, yellow and green. In addition, it has explanation texts to make you even moreconscious about your choice.

If the work is an ongoing process with new tasks that need to be added as you go, it is possible to store the SJA/JSA in the app, and continue when needed.

When all subtasks have been created and analyzed, you must decide if the total risk is acceptable, add your comments and sign the SJA/JSA. Clicking “Send” will generate a professional pdf-report that can be sent to e.g. the HSE Manager or similar.

In the customized versions, it is possible to make changes to e.g. the labels, descriptions or risk matrix, but we recommend that you re-consider if you are thinking about doing an extreme makeover, because the included module is in fact all you actually need.

Timesheets is a module that improves your routines for collecting details about working hours (internal/project), absence, vacation etc. Instead of filling out yet another paper form, our app can be used to document this fast and safe. Pre-defined options makes it easy to add new entries in a timesheet, giving you the possibility to do this work without any delay.

We have made it very easy for our users. In the settings page, you may define your normal working hours, overtime and unpaid lunch breaks. When adding start and ending time in your entries, the app will automatically calculate the various hours. You can tap to see details about all hours on a specific timesheet and you will get a complete overview of all registered and sent hours.

By using one of the many free cloud services that have come in recent years, the app can be a complete tool that covers everything from A to Z relating to HSE and quality. We recommend Google Drive that is a terrific solution that handles all document management requirements and enables both version history, change history, recent activities (who did what), sharing folders and files etc. Google Drive is free up to a certain size, but our experience is that most companies will cope with the storage that comes in the free edition. Anyway, it does not cost that much to get it extended a bit if needed.

In HSEQ Free and we have engaged an example system for building safety and quality documentation. A separate button (PDCA (Deming circle)) symbolizes this. The system contains folders for showing examples of the necessary documentation your company may need. Since Google Drive also comes as a separate app, clicking the PDCA-button in HSEQ Free  will open Google Drive directly and will be very professional (Android). The same happens if you click in the database; since both our database and Google Drive are already online, reaching your web-based HSEQ-documentation will go smooth and fast. Google Drive can even be installed as a separate entity on PC / Mac, which means that all documents can be offline while the system is synchronized to the web constantly to ensure that all documentation at any time are the correct versions.

Customized versions of HSEQ Free can be connected to our database for even better HSEQ improvement. The database is following the KIS-prinsiple just as the app. When a user has filled out a report, he clicks “Send” as usual and the report is sent to the database. In the database you can work on each report (add correcting/preventing actions, point out who is responsible for actions, set due date etc.), search and filter and get statistics in a blink of an eye (on the quick reports). An automail function is available, meaning that the system will send mail automatically to the receivers of the reports, the person in charge for any action and a return mail to the sender when a case is closed. If the necessary work is not done in accordance with schedule a reminder will be sent from the database to the persons responsible.

Moreover, one can connect a cloud service such as Google Drive to the database and the have all documentation related to HSE and quality stored online and easy available for everyone wherever they are in the world as long as they have access to internet or have downloaded the Google Drive app and stored the documents local in their device (with a sync-function). Via a button in the database (and application), users can open up the governing documentation and get access to everything from procedures to datasheets and job descriptions. And; best of all is that most cloud services come with a FREE storage space that for most companies is big enough for this type of documentation.

Please contact us for guest access to our database and to see how we have built up an HSE / Q-structure in Google Drive that is both easy to use, has incredible opportunities what document management concerns and is possible to control the rights to down on the document level!

HSEQ Messenger is a module that can be used in customised versions of HSEQ Free. It may be used for:

  • Notification of unknown risk factors
  • Transfer of experience / Lessons Learned
  • Immediate notification in emergency situations
  • Information on changes in HSEQ / Quality policy
  • Notification of changes in procedures and working instructions
  • General HSEQ information or simply just business news / information

HSEQ Messenger is controlled via a user-friendly online control console. The control console is suited to mobile devices as well, so one can easily sit with his own phone or tablet to use the module. When creating an HSEQ Message, you can define who will receive this (eg. Department or region if you have employees in several parts of the country / world).

HSEQ Messenger is built so that the administrator can monitor how many people read each sent HSEQ Message and also exactly who reads it. That means that the requirements for internal communication set in among others several ISO standards and OHSAS are met in a very simple manner

Please contact us to learn more about the opportunities with HSEQ Messenger.

HSEQ Pages provides customers with customised versions of the app to build, if not all then at least the most important pieces of, the governing documentation directly in the app. Relevant Pages to create can be:

  • Procedures
  • Work instructions
  • Objectives
  • Vision
  • Measurable goals
  • HSEQ politics

Via our user-friendly backend solution you are able to create and edit pages as if you work in a plain textdocument. You can save along the way, and when your draft is ready to be broadcasted to the users ofthe app (whether they are employees, subcontractors or others who use the app), just press Publish anda push notification is sent directly to the users.

In Our backend solution, you can follow how many people read what is sent out and thus have a complete overview of the information flow.

Please contact us to find out more!

HSEQ Editor can be used by clients  who have customised versions of the app.

By using this service, the content in the dropdown menues in the quick-reports and all checklists can be edited as one pleases. New checklists can be created in a blink of an eye and they will be available in the app and database the moment they are published.

Get in touch to find out more.