No More Paper!

With HSEQ+ in your pocket you can say goodbye to paper and hello to the future. Start being up to date today. Use HSEQ+ without any costs.

About the app

Mellora has developed what was the world’s first open smartphone-application for reporting non-conformance, accidents, near miss and improvement proposals related to safety and quality (HSEQ). In retrospect, the app has been extended to include the possibility of documenting the safe job / job safe analysis and inspections & audits. A new module called “Timesheets” was added in 2014. The app is designed to meet the reporting requirements set in e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (former OHSAS 18001).

Data capture has, by using the HSEQ-app from Mellora, never been easier. Use HSEQ+ to register and submit HSEQ-reports and timesheets with a few keystrokes. Since the code in the application is not linked to any database, you are not dependent on having invested in a special incident processing system to use the app.

The report goes directly to the selected recipient’s inbox in your email system, leaving the use of pieces of paper and other reporting systems redundant. The receiver then decide how to process the report further, either it is in the organisation’s management system or manually.

Included in the app, is a pdf-generator that generates special formatted reports which can be used to create your organization’s complete reporting and analysing system. In addition, the timesheets will function as documentation when invoicing clients or paying out salaries to the employees. Customised versions of the app can be connected to our database HSEQ Reports ( Read more about that in the HSEQ Reports page.

The word “Mellora” is Galician and means improvement. A company’s HSEQ work is all about what to improve. By continuously improving the internal work practices, procedures and processes, it will be easier to make the adjustments needed to ensure a secure, streamlined and profitable business.