There is an incredible story behind today’s signing with Kingspan Group plc.

Internally in Kingspan, a competition has been arranged to come up with good, forward-looking and innovative digital solutions to improve an already successful company. 52 teams in 14 countries participated with a total of 160 proposals. The proposals had to be marketed and sold, and both lectures, video presentations and other “gimmicks” were used in the competition that went on for several months.

A team in Ireland made a project that focused on streamlining and simplifying reporting and case management of HSE and quality issues. Mellora’s tools for this were the project content. To make a long story short; The project team won the category “Best Application of Digital Technology”, one of a total of seven categories, having convinced the senior management that this will be very positive for the company, and today we signed the contract that confirms it all.

Kingspan Group plc supplies building materials and is among others the world leader in high-performance insulation. The company has 100 factories in 70 countries and employs over 13,000 people.

Read more about their competition here.